5 Foods to Avoid if You Have Joint Pain or Arthritis

Alexander Sophia 

Food cannot cause arthritis. However, it can make the disease more painful. If you are suffering from joint pain for whatever reason, you should also avoid certain food that can aggravate the problem. A little change in your diet may mean a big difference when it comes to the pain on your joints. Here are the foods that you should avoid.


If the joint pain is due to gout, you should avoid shellfish. Purine is a compound abundant in shellfish. This compound turns to uric acid and when uric acid in the blood is high, gout is the result.

Red Meat

5 Foods to Avoid if You Have Joint Pain or Arthritis

Red meat is bad for joint pain only if you have gout. It is also high in purines which are converted to uric acid. You should also avoid fatty dairy foods, liver and kidney.

High-sugar Foods

Arthritis involves the swelling of joints which causes joint pain. Research suggests that sugar increases inflammation. Sugary foods are also high in calories which can cause weight gain that will add pressure to your joints.

Food with Gluten

A study found that a gluten-free diet may be beneficial to people who are suffering from joint pain due to arthritis. About 1 in 100 people are intolerant to gluten. In these people, gluten can worsen arthritis by triggering the inflammatory response of the body.

Nightshade Vegetables

These include potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes and peppers. These plants are naturally high in alkaloids which many arthritis patients are sensitive to. Alkaloids may also cause pain and swelling due to inflammation. Tobacco, although not consumed should also be avoided since it is included in this plant classification.

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