Help Yourself Finding The Best Eyelash Growth Products For Extra Smooth Eyelashes

Alexander Sophia Many women make curling their eyelashes, piling on mascara, or meticulously applying false eyelashes part of their daily beauty routine. Long eyelashes have long been equated with overall beauty and attractiveness in many cultures, and all of the afore mentioned products and methods are currently commonly used in attempts to enhance natural eyelashes. However, many of these products (like eyelash curlers and certain mascaras) create more damage to lashes in the long run. More specifically, many cheap mascaras are made from chemicals that make eyelashes very dry and brittle, thereby increasing the likelihood of unwanted breakage. Eyelash curlers also act similarly; forcing lashes to try to adapt to a curled position through firm pressing can easily break eyelashes. While eating a healthy diet that includes milk and fish products has been shown to improve eyelash growth, diet alone often cannot provide the necessary nutrients for restoration for some cases of eyelash damage.

Eyelash Enhancers: Which Ones Are the Most Effective?Eyelash enhancers, on the other hand, are actually formulated to make up for what diet alone cannot do. Eyelash enhancers provide eyelash hair follicles with nutrients that stimulate hair growth; this, in turn, results in the growth of beautifully long eyelashes. At the same time, eyelash enhancer formulas work to combat the problems created by other mascaras; specifically, eyelash enhancers utilize conditioner agents to moisturize lashes in order to best prevent premature breakage. This also helps lashes grow to their maximum length, since the conditioning agents strengthen them to finally do so without breaking. Very specific ingredients are needed to provide the benefits of eyelash enhancers. Hyaluronic acid, pro vitamin B5 (panthenol), and glucoproteins are all necessary components of any effective eyelash enhancer. Through continued application of such a properly formulated eyelash enhancer, beautiful, long and thick eyelashes should start becoming noticeable in just three to five weeks.

In addition to regularly applying a good eyelash enhancer, women should also opt for other cosmetic products that are made from more natural, organic ingredients in order to further protect their eyelashes from future damage. Such products are typically less drying and gentler for eyelashes. Some studies have even indicated that gently combing lashes on a daily basis may also prove beneficial for growing longer lashes, as this helps stimulate the hair follicles to promote hair growth. Additionally, all common mascaras should always be removed on a daily basis and not allowed to stay on eyelashes for a full night; keeping common mascaras on eyelashes will greatly increase the risk of lash breakage.

The Best Eyelash Enhancing Products

#1 Idol Lash
Idol Lash

#2 Lash Relonge
Lash Relonge

#3 Marini Lash
Marini Lash