Maxolash Review: Is Maxolash Effective for Improving Eyelash Growth?

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4/5.0Maxolash Review: Is Maxolash Effective for Improving Eyelash Growth?
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Maxolash Overview

Through daily application, Maxolash is promised to stimulate and nourish the growth of eyelashes. Maxolash is made from all natural ingredients and a full list of these ingredients is provided online. Although using Maxolash may improve the appearance of eyelashes so that mascara is no longer needed, Maxolash can also be used in conjunction with mascara if desired. Maxolash can be conveniently and securely purchased through an official product website for about $79.85 per unit. All purchases of Maxolash are backed by a satisfaction guarantee; details about this guarantee can be located on the website as well.

Maxolash Ingredients

Unlike most eyelash-enhancing products, Maxolash’s ingredients are carefully selected to only include compounds that will not cause lashes to become dry and brittle. In fact, Maxolash is made from all natural ingredients, many of which are potent natural conditioning agents. Maxolash’s formula includes purified water, hyaluronic acid, glycoproteins, panthenol, ProVitamin B5, phenoxyethanol, and ethylhexylglycerin.

The Maxolash formula has passed safety standard tests in both skin and eye irritation studies.

Maxolash – Product Description


The glycoproteins in Maxolash are the main stimulators of increased hair growth, but hyaluronic acid is believed to also indirectly contribute to this increased growth as well. However, the primary benefit of hyaluronic acid is its conditioning properties, and these properties ensure that eyelashes are well moisturized in order to prevent against unnecessary breakage. ProVitamin B5 further provides moisturizing nourishment to eyelashes.

Through these ingredients, Maxolash helps protect eyelashes while also allowing them to grow to their maximum length. Thicker lashes (and brows, if desired) are attainable through Maxolash because of this product’s ability to stimulate hair follicles as well. In order to provide these promised benefits, Maxolash should be brushed onto eyelashes once a day, prior to applying any other eyelash-enhancing products.

Pros of Maxolash:

  • Maxolash is made from all natural ingredients.
  • Maxolash is made by a well established company Dermagevity.
  • The full Maxolash formula is available online.
  • There are many positive user reviews of this product.
  • Customer service contact information is provided on the official product website.

Cons of Maxolash:

  • There are no free samples of this product.

Maxolash – The Bottom Line

The promised benefits of Maxolash are undeniably appealing. However, the cost of this product is also very high. Because of this, customers must determine if they personally consider the cost of Maxolash to be justifiable by the promised results.

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20 thoughts on “Maxolash Review: Is Maxolash Effective for Improving Eyelash Growth?

  1. My eyelashes were deteriorating day by day and I was very worried about this. Tried so many things, but beautiful eyelashes were like dreaming. One of my friends told me about maxolash, and I thought to give it a try. I am using this product for the last 3-4 months (first bottle is almost done) every night on each of those brows and lashes (top only) and started seeing results.

    Even started seeing new eyelashes which is so exciting and a dream come true for me! I personally feel that my lashes are growing regularly and thank GOD no more damages. Very pleased with this product and would certainly recommend this!

  2. I’ve been started using maxolash for about two-three weeks now, and I applied it on my lashes in the night and morning also (I know it goes against the directions, but my eyes seem to be quite okay with it, so I thought why not give it a try?), and the difference I’ve noticed, it works quite well apart from what I expected. I have a little fair hair and so my eyelashes too fair in color, and it really darkened a few shades. Now, I feel my eyelashes were fairly long enough. The main reason why I bought maxolash is because I want thicker, longer lashes, and I can now see the gaps started to fill in. I know it takes a little time to grow more, but I have every faith in this product. I suggest, that one should give it a try coz it’s truly worth to see if you can get the kind of results I’ve got. I’m so excited about it!!!

  3. I am currently using second bottle of Maxolash. One bottle lasts approx 10 to 12 ­weeks for me. I have short and straight eyelashes. After using this eyelash enhancer my lashes are now long, Dark and beautiful. Maxolash truly works! I don’t even have to use mascara. No adverse effects so far.

  4. My eyelashes were never long and full, however turned fifty a couple of years ago, and the lashes were getting skimpier, and shorter, and mascara no longer seemed to work magic. After plenty of research online, I selected Maxolash, while using this product I Saw a small difference at 1st month and by three months simply doubled the length. I reduced use to twice-three times every week from 3-4, and saw additional length, and perhaps some darkening. With mascara, I used to get irritation, and hence changing the cleanser for mascara regularly. I’m still on same tube, will probably need replacement soon.

  5. This is the best eyelash treatment ever. I just love this eyelash serum… even my husband said how long my lashes looked —- which never, ever happens! This is really good and I will using it until I get Long, long, thick lashes!

  6. I used to have the shortest eyelashes; I tried all kinds of mascaras and eyelash enhancing products nothing really seemed to work. However when I found Maxolash, it really changed everything. Maxolash was so easy to use, every night before I went to sleep I just put a small amount of serum on my eyelashes and then next morning I saw a significant change in the length of my lashes.

    What I like most about Maxolash is the fact that it gives me natural looking long lashes and I don’t even have to use mascara or an eyelash curler anymore. Other lash enhancers I tried were either overpriced or they had bad side effects on my eyes like discoloration of my eyelids or crusty eyes. Maxolash is an affordable product and has no side effects except for making my lashes longer! I love this product and recommend it to anyone seeking a cure for short eyelashes!

  7. The Maxolash Eyelash Enhancer Serum is so far the best I’ve tried. Dries fast, can put on and then mascara, or at night time! I have small lashes compared to the rest of the colleagues in my office. I sure can see a difference as well. I prefer using it at night. Great product worth the bucks and plus they are small so they are easier to carry around!

  8. I have used several eyelash growth and conditioners formulas. This one is so far the best because no other formula has compared with new growth. I had several bald spots on my lashes for years, where the lashes just won’t grow back from years of abuse. I have used many other products regularly and saw little bit change in the length of my lashes but no new growth in the problem areas. I used Maxolash for a week and already these areas are filling in!! I am so happy. It’s now been about 3 to 4 week and I think my lashes are getting longer, fuller and softer just all around look really good.

  9. I had seen results with maxolash in just few days. My lashes are so long & full, I do not have lash fall out anymore. When I wear mascara my lashes appears really long. I love this stuff & it is affordable also, it is worth every penny to me :)

  10. After using Maxolash from 12 weeks my lashes got fully transformed, it is thicker and fuller now. I just love the way it change my look. Great product; I highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to transform thinner eyelash to fuller one.

  11. I was so jaded and skeptical about MaxoLash, but this stuff leaves me speechless (well, almost). I started with my eyebrows and noticed a difference within a week. With advancing age, my lashes have become almost invisible, but about a week and a half of a regular use, I saw lashes. After three weeks, my rabbit eyelashes are now fuller, longer and stronger. My eyebrows are also fuller and I can even feel the difference when I touch them.

  12. I am in my late 40′s and my lashes were falling off badly, so for this I tried Latisse but it made my eyes red and itchy. I immediately stopped using it. After sometime I ordered Maxolash and started using it. After 8 weeks my lashes became long and full. I am not lying really. I am just thankful that I found Maxolash!

  13. This is a marvellous product which does as it claims. I Have recommended Maxolash to lots of my friends, after they asked me if I had eyelash extensions. I will definitely buy more.

  14. I bought my first tube of Maxolash after having read all of the reviews. At one point, I did try another product, but it was a waste of time. If you’re going to use an eyelash enhancing product, Maxolash is the one! Go for it!

  15. I just have started using Maxolash. Once, I had seen the video for this product and decided to buy, but then forgot about it. But recently, I bought a bottle of Maxolash. Let’s see now.

  16. I’ve seen so many reviews on Youtube, slideshare on this lash growth serum and I’ve also been recommended by a friend to try Maxolash, as it lives up to its description. I’ve been using this product for quite a while now, and I can actually say that it has worked for me. My lashes don’t look like false eyelashes, but they do look real and healthy.

  17. After reading so many positive reviews, I ordered Maxolash. My eyelashes are longer and fuller now. I am happy with the results. Now, I too love my lashes, they are very long and lush. This product really works. By reading Maxolash review, you can see a lot of good points of this eyelash enhancer.

  18. By using the Maoxlash, I realized great results. I was really amazed to see very fast results. Now, after using this product, my lashes are longer looking and I can finally have something for mascara to stick to. Happy!

  19. I researched many lash enhancing products and picked this one. I wish, I had taken before and after pictures, so that I could post them here. In just a week, I could see the results, wow! I would highly recommend Maxolash.

  20. I am using Maxolash for 3 weeks now and I will like to buy it for a second time also after finishing the first one. All the other enhancers that I had used in past never shown this much of quick results, but this one provided boost to my lashes really well. A real worker!

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