The National Benefit Authority Can Help Those With No Income Too

Alexander Sophia 

The National Benefit Authority can even help those who don’t have any income right now. I went to them because of chronic pain I’ve been having. Haven’t been working for the past year and I just assumed that I couldn’t qualify for a disability tax credit because I didn’t have an income at the time.

However, that wasn’t the case. The National Benefit Authority were the ones who corrected me. They told me I could still qualify for a disability credit even without income. They informed me that as long as I had family member taking time to help me out with my disability that I could qualify.

Talk about knowledge that’s good to know! I mean how else would I have known that I could qualify for a credit if it wasn’t for the National Benefit Authority??

Since I’ve had chronic pain, my wife has had to take off work more than once to care for me. With me out of work and in pain, and with my wife having to take off sometimes to take care of me, it’s put a big strain on us. Put a big strain on our wallet too.

Having any sort of disability is tough and people suffering a disability need all the help they can get. I know the truth behind that. And I’m so glad the National Benefit Authority is here to help.

Believe me, the National Benefit Authority are knowledgeable, they’re friendly and down-to-earth, and the people who work for these guys legitimately care and want to help. The National Benefit Authority did all the application work for me.

It was incredible. They were really pro-active! Told me where to sign on the application. They got my doctor’s signature. They sent the application and they told me when it was approved.

$12,500 is what I got as a credit! Money that really came in handy. And money that I really believe my wife and I deserved. We were able to pay down our loans to almost zero. I was even able to buy a prescription to help my pain that wasn’t covered by insurance. It was also tax-free money, which was great.

My wife has a friend at work who used the National Benefit Authority and she was also very happy with the company. They were just as friendly and helpful to her as they were to us. Goes to show just how much this organization cares about quality customer service.

Even though the National Benefit Authority made applying for disability benefits very easy, I still think it’s a complicated process. If I had tried applying on my own, I’m positive the process would have been much harder. I probably wouldn’t have been successful.

The reality is that an organization like the National Benefit Authority, who are pretty much experts in disability, have a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge. They’ve seen every case in the book and they know what they’re doing. That’s why they have so much success in getting people their deserved disability benefits.

Really, if you have a disability, give them a call, even if it’s just to get some advice or support. I’m sure they’ll know about your situation and know what’s the best action to take.

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