Seven Principles To Help Fight Insomnia

Alexander Sophia

Is it your daily struggle to fight insomnia? That no matter what you do, you cannot just seem to defeat it? Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that seriously affects your mood, health, and strength for the following day.

Although a cure is yet to be discovered, there are a lot of ways which can help you fight insomnia.

Here are 7 principles to help you put a stop to your sleepless nights.

Do Not Drink Too Much Coffee

Seven Principles To Help Fight Insomnia

Drinking coffee in the morning has become a habit for many people. Coffee can be very inviting most especially because we know that coffee is a stimulant, which helps boost and energize the body. But if you are suffering from insomnia, you have to limit your coffee intake. This goes the same too for other food and beverages that contain caffeine. Examples are sodas, energy drinks, chocolates, and some sweets.

Do Not Stay Up Late and Sleep In on Weekends

What you do repeatedly will eventually be adopted by your body. Thus, it is very important to stay on your sleeping schedule every day, including weekends. When it is time to wake up, you wake up; when it is time to go to bed, you go to bed. Try to follow an organized routine for a more stable body clock system.

Do Not Spend Pre-Bedtime Hours with Your Gadgets

There is a study made in Japan that individuals who spend pre-bedtime hours watching TV or using the internet are more likely to claim that they do not get the quality of sleep that they wanted. Therefore, avoid getting hooked up to your gadgets before bedtime.

Put your phone away from your bed, turn off the TV early, or check out from your laptop when it is time to snooze. Instead, take a warm bath to relax your body, read a book or listen to calming music to relax your mind, or try meditating.

Get Yourself Enough Exercise

You only need to do moderate exercises for a heavy workout for sleep-deprived individuals is not recommended. Insomnia is an indication that there is an imbalance in your body therefore, you need to help it stabilize. Proper diet, avoiding stress, coupled with the right kind of exercise will definitely help your body get back on track, which may eventually lead to the cure of your insomnia.

Do Not Make Your Bedroom Too Bright and Noisy

You must redesign your bedroom into a calm and cozy one. This will help you have a good night’s sleep. Make sure too that your windows are covered and that you adjust your room’s temperature to mid-level not too hot or cold. Even the sheets and blankets in your bed should also be comfortable. Do not place noisy devices in your bedroom.

Do Not Drink Too Much Alcohol

A glass of wine is just fine to make you feel relaxed at night but drinking too much and too frequently may cause you to suffer from insomnia. Try to limit your alcohol intake.

Avoid Becoming Stressed

Being absolutely stress-free is very hard to achieve but you can definitely make stress lesser for you by not worrying too much about a lot of things. Engage in relaxing and joyful activities, surround yourself with happy people and try to think positively each day.

Write a journal, talk to a friend, or listen to relaxing music. All of these will help you ease your mind.