Beauty and Skincare Tips: Facial Moisturizers for Dry and Oily Skin

Alexander Sophia 

Facial moisturizers are not only very important for people with dry skin, but it is also beneficial for people with oily skin. The key is to find the right facial moisturizer that best suits your skin type. When the amount of water molecules in the skin is too low, the skin will dry out and may become overly sensitive. There are a variety of moisturizers available that can balance the skin’s moisture levels without leaving the skin feeling oily or causing breakouts. Look for a facial moisturizer that contains Babassu, which will create a thin protective layer on the skin to prevent moisture evaporation. Babassu is a very light, natural wax that keeps skin moisturized without making it feel oily.

Facial Moisturizers

Some people are predisposed to dry skin due to a genetic imbalance. Diet also plays a vital role in healthy skin. When you eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water, your skin will be hydrated. During the cold months and in when it’s windy, skin is prone to dry out and get sensitive. Even oily skin can dry out during the winter, requiring extra moisturizing to stay healthy.

Dry skin will feel tight and uncomfortable after washing due to low levels of sebum. This can also make the skin very sensitive. When your skin cracks, that is a sign of extreme dryness and skin dehydration. Apply a moisturizer as soon as possible to prevent skin damage.

When the oil glands in the skin produce an abundance of oil, the skin gets oily. Some people may have a genetic imbalance that causes the oil glands in the skin to supply excess lubrication, making the skin very oily. Hot and humid summer months can cause skin to become overly oily. Experts recommend using a drying soap during the summer months to keep oil production under control.

People with oily skin typically have trouble with acne. Pimples can damage your skin so it is a good idea to use soap or other facial treatments that will remove the excess oils from your face and prevent breakouts. Also make sure to wash your face daily with soap made for oily skin.

People with dry skin should use facial soap made for dry skin, which usually includes a moisturizer. The majority of soaps on the market today are too harsh for dry skin. Look for soaps that are emollient-rich, which are the least drying type of soap. Liberally apply facial moisture immediately after washing to lock in the moisture.

No matter what type of skin you have, facial moisturizer is very important. For people with dry skin, it gives the skin the hydration it needs and will prevent or heal any itchiness, cracking and peeling. Moisturizers are also made especially for oily skin and will not add to the level of oil on the skin and will not cause blemishes. The goal is to use facial moisturizers that make your skin look healthy and radiant, not shiny and greasy.

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