8 Best Tips For Losing Weight Fast

Losing Weight Fast

If you put on so much weight either after a baby or just from bad eating habit, and give up before you try to lose the weight. Here in this article I am sharing some weight loss tips for women with you that you should keep in your mind before starting your weight loss journey and motivate you towards the journey of big weight loss.

#1 – Have Patience

All your weight doesn’t put off in day, it takes time. When you evaluate what you eat and start considering your intake of calories and do exercise on a daily basis, then you will surely shed extra pounds, but not in a day, if you lose 2 pounds in a week, then one day will come one you lose all the extra pounds you have. But all this takes time. So be patient and watch your calorie intake and do exercise on a daily basis.

#2 – Set Your Goals


Set your goal first and then start working on it, might be you want to lose weight to fit in your old shirt or jeans. But set in order to be motivated all the time, set the mini goal time by time and when you get the desire result, reward yourself. Then again set goals and work on it and give reward again. In this way you will always s motivated towards specific goal and wants to fulfill it.

#3 – Have Breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast, if you do this, then you lose all your energy and feel hungry all the day long. It is better to take breakfast that is full of protein, so in this way you feel fuller for longer and energetic all the day long.

#4 – Write What You Eat

When you are struggling with your weight destroyer program, then the best way to do so is to write what you eat, Write down all the calorie intake and don’t skip a handful which you munch while reading or watching TV. Be honest to yourself and write each and everything you eat and then calculate the calorie you take. This will help you a lot.

#5 – Eat Slowly

If you want to eat less, then chew slowly, if you eat slowly and taste each bite, then you will surely eat less food and also enjoy the taste of the food.

#6 – Wait until Stomach Roar for Hunger

Sometimes we eat only because of habit, nervousness, frustration, boredom and tension. Many of us actually don’t know what hunger is. Eat only when you actually hungry not to break stress, express love or ease boredom.

#7 – Eat Raw Fruits and Vegetables

When you feel hungry then apply nutrition strategy and go for apple bananas, oranges, pineapple, strawberry, cucumber or tomato, instead of snacking on fries, chips, donuts, chocolates or burgers.

#8 – Daily Exercise

Do exercise daily, not necessary to do hard exercises in the gym, you can do simple cardiac exercises to burn the fat like walking, cycling, go up and down stairs.