Feeling Down And Blue? Foods That Can Boost Your Mood And Make You Jump Out Of Your Couch

Alexander Sophia 

The modern diet and our way of buying and consuming food is making our bodies throw off the natural feel good chemicals into disarray resulting in a moody, depressive and miserable state. In the United States, when it shifted from buying and eating organic foods to processed, fat laden, salt and sugar rich foods, Americans became fat, depressed and have a short attention span. Well, not all but in general, the population’s health has changed dramatically since the shift. There was a time when food was as important as medicine or food as a medicine itself. Many studies and research have proved that diet has a direct impact on a person’s health and mental state. The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself and what we ingest can help us with it. There is truth that diet enhances the wellness and mood of a person. It has been proven by history and science, we’re just ignoring it and putting too much faith on almost all pharmaceutical products. Yes medicines are a big help but eating the right kind of foods will prevent anyone from taking medicines.

Boost Your Mood

There are foods that you can add to your daily or weekly diet that can help lift and boost not just your mood but your general wellness as well. You just have to know what to look for and try to stay away from any processed food as possible. Here are some of the proven mood enhancing foods that you can add to your diet.

Dark green and leafy vegetables. Asparagus, spinach, bok Choi, broccoli and Brussel sprouts are good examples. These vegetables are rich in folate, vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids and folate are essential for synthesizing the mood chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine that the brain produce and are proven mood boosters by the Harvard Medical School.

Mussels. The humble mussel is loaded with brain-protecting vitamin B12 and omega-3s. Maintaining a healthy level of B12 and the essential omega-3 will help preserve the myelin sheath that insulates the brain cells and helps the brain stay sharp as a person grows older.

Orange and papaya. These “happy fruits” are rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C and folic acid, which are known to wake up the senses.

Whole grains and fiber. Eating more vegetables and whole wheat to your regular diet gets things moving. The more fiber you eat, the less time ingested food spends in the stomach, preventing acid reflux and help keeps food to be absorbed by the body.

Blue potatoes. Blue potatoes are not common supermarket fares but it is showing up at most farmer’s markets all around the country. The anti-oxidant anthocyanins gives it the blue color and provides Neuro-protective benefits like bolstering short-term memory and minimizing inflammation. The potato skins are rich in iodine that helps in regulating the thyroid.

Fish and other seafoods. Fatty oily fish, calamari and other seafoods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are essential in normal brain function and health. Omega-3 helps in minimizing the chances of developing depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder ad other mental issues. There are many studies that linked omega-3 in alleviating the symptoms of depression and helps people suffering from it to slowly go back to their normal lives.

Chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate is a big mood booster. Women turn to eating chocolate if they are feeling depressed or want to be more perky and happy. Men just eat them without any reason. Studies have shown that chocolate contains chemical compounds that have a similar effect on the brain as marijuana. Don’t you think it would be better to eat chocolate and take a toke at the same time hehehe. Nice one.

Fermented foods. Yogurt, kimchi, miso, tempeh and kefir have one thing in common – they all contain beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that helps the immune system to become strong.

Grass-fed meat. Animals that are raised on grass pastures will have had higher levels of CLA or conjugated linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fats are known stress busters and protects the brain cells from deteriorating. Grass-fed meats are also rich in iron that helps in stabilizing the mood.

Honey. Having sugar unleashes harmful free radicals that are linked to a number of diseases. Honey, although as sweet as sugar, is actually packed with beneficial compounds like quercetin and kaempferol that helps in cleaning and eliminating free radicals and minimize inflammation. Reducing inflammation is essential in maintaining a healthy and normal brain. Honey has been used as medicine by early human civilizations and as science progressed, honey as medicine was proven right.

These foods are very easy to get and it will not hurt your grocery pocket. These are just some examples of foods that can boost your mood. You can do more research about the benefits of organic food for your brain and overall health. Happy eating.

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