How to Make Women Orgasm Faster?


There is no better feeling than making your girl scream of pleasure, satisfaction, and excitement. Knowing she likes all the things you also do makes you more excited and willing to do more.

However, instead of repeating same old maneuvers and risk the monotonous intercourse that nobody likes, you should always find different ways to spice things up and the same goes to your girl.

Sex is amazing; it’s a unique setting where two people show passion for one another and experiment with different things to increase the excitement.

If you were looking for different ways to make your girl or wife experience intense orgasm, then this article is ideal for you.

Keep reading to find out different things you can do.

1. Be Naughty, Talk Dirty

You should refrain from dirty talk primarily because it excites both you and your girl. And yes, women love it too.

In fact, Medical Daily reported a study which showed that most people love hearing dirty talk in the bedroom because it stimulates the entire brain at the same time the body is getting stimulated as well.

It’s needless to mention that every woman loves to feel naughty and the bedroom is the perfect place for that, so feel free to engage in dirty talk.

To heat things up before the sex itself, you two can start sexting hours earlier. This will pile on the excitement that will erupt into a massive orgasm with stimulation of her vagina.

2. Take the Lead

Take the Lead

She may be the president of the universe or have some powerful function at her job, but when in bed, she wants you to take the lead and be the dominant women.

In fact, women are more likely to achieve an orgasm with men who are masculine (manly man) and dominant, according to a study from the Evolution and Human Behavior. Attractiveness scored high as well.

So, don’t be reluctant to take the lead and be an alpha in your bed, women are particularly excited by characteristics that showcase strength and power.

3. Give Her an Orgasm Before the Intercourse Starts

Men are unlikely to engage in foreplay while women adore it. There’s no rule which says she has to get her orgasm during sex; you can make her achieve it before the sex starts.

This is particularly useful for you as well, in the face, you suffer from erectile or ejaculatory problems associated with low testosterone, and want to be intimate for a longer period instead of just a few seconds.

Use your fingers, sex toys, or just your tongue to stimulate the clitoris and drive her wild before you even penetrate her.

4. Tease to Please

Tease to Please

How many times have you thought your girl (or someone else) was a tease?

But, did you know that your girl wants you to be a tease as well?

In bed, that is. Men are usually ready for action; they skip foreplay or other innocent games that mean a lot to women and could help them orgasm faster and stronger.

In order to be truly relaxed and surrender her body to yours, a woman has to be turned on; you have to make her want your penis deep inside of her instead of just merely penetrating her.

Try teasing her next time, and she will yearn for your penis, her satisfaction will maximize.

5. Keep Kissing

The best to make a girl experience intense orgasm is to sustain her arousal, and the easiest way to do that is to keep kissing her, French kiss preferably. This will make her feel closer to you while her excitement keeps increasing.

Ideally, you should keep going back to kissing or make it an integral part of the entire sexual intercourse, not just the foreplay.

Since sustaining her arousal is pivotal, you should strive to work on your endurance and stamina by choosing the ideal top male enhancement pills for you.

6. More Oral Sex

More Oral Sex
Men like to talk about oral sex and cunnilingus (a lot), but a vast majority of them don’t perform it.

Some men only do it so they can ask a girl to perform oral sex on them. That’s not overly fair, is it?

Women happen to like oral sex; it’s pleasurable, increases their satisfaction, and helps them achieve orgasm quite fast.

You can do some variations, include your fingers too and make sure you spend at least 5 minutes down there.

7. Combined Clitoral and Vaginal Stimulation

This technique will get her off before you know it. Insert your middle and ring finger into her vagina and rest the palm on her clitoris while cupping it entirely.

When the palm is in place, start stroking her G-spot with fingers from the inside. Then, slowly start to pull your whole hand up and down to stimulate her clitoris by your palm.

Gradually speed up the movement and increase the pressure of your fingers.

Make sure your movements are consistent and rhythmical. She’ll experience the greatest pleasure in her entire life.

To maximize yours and her pleasure, make sure you try numerous natural ways of improving sexual performance and functioning.

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While most men complain that women don’t achieve orgasm that often, it’s not entirely correct. You just have to know what to do to accomplish this. Tips from this article will help you ensure your girl experiences the most intense orgasm she’s ever felt.

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