Six Pack Abs – Find the Abs under the Flabs

Six Pack Abs

Everyone has the same abdominal muscles in their bodies. The only difference between people with six-pack abs and people with flabby bellies is that the six packs have worked to tone and show off their flat stomachs. The flabbier have done the opposite. If you are part of the flabby belly family, you may want to work on getting rid the fat that is currently covering your perfect abdominal muscles.

Here are a few tips to help you find the washboard that is hiding behind your beer gut.

Six Pack Abs

Consume Low Fat Foods

If you get into the habit of eating low-fat foods, you will be able to avoid putting more fat on your body so that your actions burn off the belly that you currently have. You still need to consume good fats, like those found in certain fish and vegetables. Avoid junk foods, greasy foods, and anything that looks too tempting to be healthy. They will only add to the flab.

Reduce Carbs and Calories

While your body needs some carbohydrates and calories to stay energized, you may be consuming more than your body can get rid of. Find out what the ideal caloric intake is for your body and then try to stick to that as you get rid of the fat around your waist. Replace the calories with fat burning foods, like proteins and vegetables.

Avoid Gimmicks

Never trust a pill or cream that can magically get rid of your fat. Those treatments do not work. It takes good dieting to get rid of fat, and it takes exercising to tone the abs to look their best. You may have to work at getting your six pack, but the effort is worth it in the end.

Exercise Properly

Crunches and similar exercises are great for toning your six pack abs, but only if you do them right. Learn the proper way to do a crunch and practice that as often as you can. There is no sense wasting a ton of energy on an exercise that is not going to help your body in the end.

Include Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts allow you to improve your circulation and your ability to burn fat as a whole. You need to focus on working more cardio routines into your workout, like walking, running, etc. Do your exercises on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. That will give you the best chance at getting fid of the tire that’s blocking your six pack abs.

Stay Motivated

Your mind will be one of your biggest enemies during your workouts, but it can also be one of your biggest motivators. Remind yourself of how great you will look with six-pack abs, and do what it takes to get them.