Six Main Symptoms Causing Chronic Liver Disease

Alexander Sophia 

With growing health awareness, most of the diseases are known to the common man today. Remember, the days when running to the doctor for diagnosis of disease or reading of symptoms, but these are passé. Today, with extensive knowledge shared over the Internet, the main symptoms of the disease are enough to help the searcher find out what affliction he is suffering from. Wilson disease is one such disorder which most of us miss out on noticing. Neither do you get to receive instant diagnosis from the doctors nor are you given any medical help by the casual chemist. Fact is this disorder, even if diagnosed does not have any special or dedicated set of medicines.


Although you may have heard about liver infections before, we bet the Wilson paranoia never caught your attention before. The disease is chronic and often goes unnoticed due to silent and untraceable symptoms. And with the race of life taking our attention from the issue to issue, a mild headache or fatigue going unnoticed does not appear to be a severe problem, till disaster strikes. Yes, most of the symptoms can be mistaken as signs of weakness, which is only a natural observation. Forget about hepatitis and jaundice as they have nothing to do with the Wilson disease. Enlisted below are the main and important symptoms of chronic liver disease which often happens due to high copper retention of the body. The metal is retained in the liver which leads not just to inflammation of the organ, but other psychoneurotic symptoms, as well. Read on, and you shall soon know why the medical experts have insisted that Wilson disease is a hidden devil.

Lack of Energy: Patients often suffer from different mood swings and experience lack of zeal. What they miss out on noticing is that these are direct results of lack of energies in the body. Undue or unwarranted exhaustion in the body should not be dealt with lightly. This should be given extra importance when you have actually not undertaken much physical stress but have ended up gasping for breath. Watch out for these silent symptoms and run a liver check if you find them occurring in you. Often the lack of energy is reported in spite of healthy nutritious diet of the patient.

Portal Hypertension: This can be a serious life taker f not subjected to immediate relaxing drugs. If you are unable to check bleeding in the esophagus in time, it is very difficult to reverse the adverse effects of portal hypertension.

Inflammation of The Spleen: In order to protect the body from undue stress, the spleen gets into action. And this causes inflammation of the spleen. This, however, is a diagnostic symptom determined only after proper examinations.

Neuropsychiatric Symptoms: It has been found that almost half of the people who are diagnosed for Wilson’s disease have neuropsychiatric symptoms which do not allow the patient to sleep well, understand his/her surroundings and stay co-ordinate. This is often misdiagnosed as a neural disorder and must not be mistaken at all. It can be life taking.

Seizures and Migraine: There are seizures which leave the person totally disoriented after the attack. Further on, the migraines that result due to copper retention in the liver are what keep the attention of the doctors and relatives on reducing pain rather than treating the root cause. Also, the patients suffer from bodily tremors and odd gesticulations.

Well, the need to understand Wilson’s just the right way was first brought to public notice by a site dedicated to spread through awareness amongst the common folk regarding the disease. Regular blogs and posts found on the gives you recent updates and proceedings in the causes and treatments of the disease.

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