Why Drops Have An Advantage Over Shots?

Why Drops Have An Advantage Over Shots
Alexander Sophia

One of the most modern means of treatment of reducing weight is the use of HCG which involves of the usage of a hormone secreted by the human body during pregnancy. This hormone plays a phenomenal role in weight reduction. The process involves the consumption of low calorie diet for a period of around 8 weeks along with administering the HCG drops either in the form of injection or through oral drops as in the homeopathic method. This method is gaining popularity all over the world and is slowly developing into a good and cost effective means of weight reduction. The administering of the injection by trained medical professionals is legal but the sale of the same over the counter is not allowed. In spite of such restraints, this process is being considered by the experts to be the future towards the treatment in achieving weight loss.

Drops vs. Shots

Why Drops Have An Advantage Over Shots?

The HCG could be administered to the human body in two ways- either through injections or through oral drops through homeopathy type process, although in reality this process is not homeopathy. Injections have the added advantage of reacting faster that oral administration as the fluid mixes easily with the blood in a much shorter duration of time. They prove to be more effective than the drops as they have the required dosage necessary for the person and this starts acting faster. HCG administered through injection is undiluted and as a result the action on the human body is of a much greater dimension as compared to oral administration. The HCG administered through oral drops is usually of a diluted nature and has a much lesser effect.

However, the usage of oral drops is more popular among people as this process has the main advantage of being much simpler and easier and is painless. Taking injections involve a large number of steps and due to the major problem that HCG injections are not to be sold over the counter; the only possible option would be to visit the doctor or a qualified medical personnel to administer the injection. Considering the fact that this needs to be a regular process for eight weeks wherein the HCG needs to be administered along with the consumption of low calorie diets of only 500 calories a day, the injection process would involve more hassles for the person as compared to the person consuming oral drops as the same can be administered easily by self at home thus saving a lot of time and energy. When a person makes up the mind to go for a HCG treatment, the mail dilemma is choosing between the means of administering the same. However, in the long run, oral drops are much easier and painless in nature and are widely chosen as the preferred choice by many.

HCG Drops
There are a large number of HCG drops available in the market and the person making the choice has to keep one vital factor in mind that these are mild diluted drops as compared to injected HCG. In addition, the strict diet control regime is also an absolute necessity in the road towards the successful losing of weight through HCG treatment. Over all, the several positive aspects and the ease of administering make the oral consumption process to be the most popular choice.

Thus, the usage of HCG drops have an added advantage over the use of HCG injections as they offer a simple and easy to administer solution which could be easily applied by an individual at home. In addition the usage of HCG drops is quite painless as compared to injections and is much simpler and involves much lesser hassles and problems as compared to the process of injecting.